No??es de probabilidade e estat?stica magalh?es pdf


    Download Livro Noções de Probabilidade e Estatística - Magalhães parte 1 DOWNLOAD PDF - MB. Share Embed Donate. Report this link. Download Lívro Noções de Probabilidade e Estatística - Magalhães parte 2 (1). pdf. View Notes - [LIVRO Noções de Probabilidade e Estatística - from ECONOMICS 8 at Uni. São Paulo. I)t: s'l'rt l'Rr lttAtn,n)AI)E l,lsllr olrr ir rA.

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    No??es De Probabilidade E Estat?stica Magalh?es Pdf

    Clculo das probabilidades estatstica 0. Nocoes probabilidade estatistica magalhaes pdf baixe grtis arquivo lvro noes probabilidade e. Probability theory aviso. INTRODUÇÃO A ESTATÍSTICA | (AREA II) Graduação Probabilidade & Processos Estocásticos | (PPE) Pós-graduação free download URL (pdf) | also déjà vu (djvu) Esta obra (Engenharia de Telecomunicações, por Hélio Magalhães de Oliveira), identificada por H.M. de Oliveira, está livre de restrições de direitos. Destinada a estudantes das áreas de ciências exatas, biológicas e humanas, este livro apresenta uma introdução à probabilidade e à estatística. Ao contrário .

    This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Objective: to identify care interventions, performed by the health team, and their influence on the continuity of sleep of patients hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit. Method: descriptive study with a sample of 12 patients. A filming technique was used for the data collection. The awakenings from sleep were measured using the actigraphy method. The analysis of the data was descriptive, processed using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences software.

    While it is recognized that sleep is important for the recovery of the health of the individual, no Brazilian studies were found that investigated the association between the healthcare interventions and the sleep of ICU patients. It is believed that the identification of the care interventions that interrupt the sleep of ICU patients can contribute to better planning of care and preserve the sleep patterns of patients.

    probabilidade e estatistica livro pdf

    Therefore, this study aimed to identify the care interventions performed by the health team and their influence on the sleep continuity of patients hospitalized in an ICU. The ICU has a capacity of 30 beds, and a care team composed of nurses, nursing technicians, physicians, physiotherapists and psychologists. Data were collected from June to November During this period, adult patients were admitted to the ICU.

    However, the study only included the patients that met the following inclusion criteria: aged over 18 years, length of stay in ICU greater than 24 hours, score of 15 on the Glasgow Coma Scale GCS and presentation of the nursing diagnosis "disturbed sleep pattern". The GCS score was justified by the need for interaction with the patient to evaluate the presence of the nursing diagnosis "disturbed sleep pattern", which was evaluated using an instrument developed by the researchers containing related factors and defining characteristics described in the NANDA-I 12 taxonomy, and the demographic data and clinical characteristics of the patients.

    The sample was calculated from a pilot study with five patients. The calculation was based on the margin of error of the mean of the more frequent care interventions and on the total number of care interventions.

    It was found that, for a sample of up to 11 patients, the margin of error of the mean of the care interventions was greater than two. However, with a sample size equal to or greater than 12 patients, this margin of error tended to fall to values below two. Thus, a sample of 12 patients was established for the performance of the study. To identify the care interventions carried out by the care team, a filming technique was used with a SONY brand, DCR-SX63 model, camcorder, which was placed on a pedestal and positioned in front of the cubical of each patient.

    At the end of the filming, the data were transferred to a computer and the images reproduced using the Picture Motion Browser software.

    For the recording of the interventions, an instrument was used that was developed from a literature review and the clinical experience of the researchers.

    This was tested in the pilot study. The instrument consisted of 34 different care interventions, grouped into the blocks: feeding, hygiene and comfort care, tube, probe and drain care, respiratory care, performance of examinations and invasive procedures, evaluation of health status, and drug and non-drug therapy.

    For each intervention, the time of its occurrence was recorded. The Actisleep actigraph equipment was used to evaluate the influence of the care interventions on the sleep continuity of the patients. This device allows the measurement of sleep disruption by detecting the awakening of the patient. The apparatus was placed on the wrist of the patients and surrounded by transparent film, changed every 24 hour period in each patient.

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    Livro Noções de Probabilidade e Estatística - Magalhães parte 1 - Free Download PDF

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